Why C Is Called A Procedural Language?


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Procedure means a particular pattern, while doing programming in C programmer must have to follow the pattern that has been defined in c language,ie. We have to add header file before using related functions, and we have to declare var name before their use.
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The Great Man,Dennis Ritchiehas writtenC language(The King of Programming World). C is a programming
language which born at “AT & T’s Bell Laboratory”
of USA in 1972.

Why it was named as “C”?

Many of C’s basics and ideas were obtained from
the earlier language B. (Ken Thompson have developedB Language.)BCPLandCPLare the earlier forebear of B Language. CPL is
basic Programming Language. In 1967, BCPL Language (Basic CPL) was created
under a scaled down version of CPL. As many of the features were obtained from
“B” Language that’s why it was named as “C” Language. After 7-8 years C++ came
into the reality which was first example ofobject
oriented programming

Without Dennis there is no C, if no C then no
C++means no UNIX, Windows, Linux, NoCrysis
cool games, NoPhotoshop,NoFirefox,NoVLC,NoFLStudio,NoPlayStation,NoXBOX&the List Continues…

90%of the Application in the world is written in

Let’s have a look excellent video made bygootlyacademic to give
Extra-ordinary Tribute to Dennis Ritchie (a founder of C language).


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Because C programs follow a procedure of steps written in it, called functions. It follows a top-down approach i.e. Much importance is given to flow of program rather than on data on which functions operate. On the other hand, Java/C++ are object oriented languages. Get Help Now! CodeAvail- Online Computer Science Assignment

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