Where Can I Download Music For My Samsung Magnet?


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Most modern mobile phones will have a music download page bookmarked within their internet browser. Failing that, there may be an application that is included on the phone, or that can be installed, that has been made specifically for downloading music.

If you are unable to download music directly from the internet onto your mobile phone, then it is possible to transfer the music from your computer. Before you start the process you will need to make sure that the music is saved in an mp3 format and is easy to access within your computer system.

If you still have the CD software that came with your mobile phone so that you can connect it to your PC, install it onto your computer. If you have lost the CD then head to the Samsung website where you will be able to download the software for free.

  • Follow the instructions within the installation wizard so that you can transfer files between your phone and the computer. Samsung Magnet phones do have Bluetooth so it may be possible to connect wirelessly as well as with a USB cable.
Once the connection is up and running you will now have to find the correct folders on your mobile phone. Browse the phone until you find a folder that is labelled 'Music' or 'Songs', whichever you recognize from the layout of your phone. Then, simply drag and drop the music files that you want to copy across from your computer into the 'Music' folder.

  • Let the files finish transferring and eject your phone to see if they have correctly downloaded. If the files are not appearing on your mobile phone then try the process again but drag and drop the files into a different folder.
There will be a way to download music onto your Samsung Magnet, either directly through the phone or via your computer. Try both methods and see which works best.

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