What Is The Best Virtual Websites For Kids?


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I would say meez .com and
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Well, I would reccomend these websites for kids.  what you do is you make a panda and you push up levels there are many games and stuff on this website. Mostly what you do is missions. (members can purchase and do better things)  what you do is you create a monster and you take care of it by feeding it and playing games and puzzles at the puzzle palace or moshi fun park.  You can push up levels by taking the daily challenge. Your monster choices are poppet, furi, katsuma, diavlo, luvli, and zommer. (members can purchase can do more things but being a non member doesn't make a difference)  what you do is adopt a penguin and you can travel around club penguin. You can purchase puffles (pet fluffballs) you can make friends and do much more. (members can purchase and do better things)  what you do is you create a character and you can shop and play games and do much more. (members can purchase and do better things it's sponcerd by disney channel and what you do is make a toon  and then you kill the VILLIANS called YOU'LL SEE!!!! You can do much more things too like ride the trolly for money and then you play games (members can purchase and do better things)
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Build a bear ville or webkinz
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To begin with, have them visit this site:    This site teaches online etiquette and possible risks involved in being online and how to keep yourself safe. offers children the chance to travel through a virtual town and interact with other penguins. is the government link to over 100 websites for children that have science, technology, litertaure, and historical information is for games that teach children as they play is for art-loving kids; they can participate in creatinginteractive art works there is for "tweens" to get homework help and games that are approved for children; they also have interesting things for children from pre-school on up

My scientifically-minded nephew loves this FBI Junior Agent site:

And remember, school is starting in just a few weeks!!! :)
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Try I have a black lab mix puppy. The animals look so realistic! Also, you can try where you have this anime avatar and you play games, decorate your house, race at the rally, and fight the animated in this beta MMO RPG. It's fun, although you have to be 13 to sign up.
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I would suggest the below ones because there very age appropriate and have good filters for kids saying bad words.
wizards 101
pixie hollow
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Anonymous answered is so fun you take care of your own pet monsters and play fun games!

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