How To Get Free Points On Points2shop?


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In order to get free points on Points2shop, simply sign up and start filling out online surveys, playing games and entering a lottery. Once you sign up you will get some free points, but after that all the points you gain will be from taking part in games and surveys.

The number of points you will get will depend on what is required for that particular survey or game and will then be converted into cash you can collect via a PayPal transfer or for use on Amazon.

By following a few steps, there are some you can make earning more points easier and more effective:

• When you first join the site, you cannot rely on referrals to get points as you have not yet completed anything. So start by completing as many offers as you can to start earning points and money.

• Prior to starting a new offer, clear your cookies history on your computer. By doing this you could see a huge difference in the amount of money you could earn. To do this, just go to the Internet Options setting on your computer and click on the 'clear cookies' option.

• As a lot of the offers need to be approved to be successful (and for you to earn points and money) make sure you complete them using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

• In order to make as many points as possible, make sure you follow all the steps required to complete the offer. Some may require you to click on to certain webpages for the offer to be completed for example.
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Simple just download the points2shop multiplier for free and it will multiply your score within 24 hours
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By doing the surveys!!!!!

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