How Much Energy (in Kwh) Does A Photocopier +/or Printer Use On Standby?


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Standby power consumption for printers and photocopiers is incredibly varied, but would usually be in the 3W-15W range. The first thing to check is that the equipment is using standby mode at all, and if possible to check how much power is consumed in that mode.

Assuming 10W standby consumption, for an overnight period of 14 hours (6PM - 8AM) that equates to 0.14KWh, which is 51kWh over the year. In the US, this would cost just over $5 (at 10c per kWh), and in the UK just over £5 (at 10p per kWh). You could double this for thirsty peripherals, and halve this for frugal peripherals.

For peripherals in this sort of range of power usage, it wouldn't be economical to use one 7-day timer per device - especially when you factor in the power consumption of the timer itself! One timer supplying a bunch of devices might be beneficial, however.

The best thing is to institute a process of manually switching off certain devices at the end of the day. But being the last one to leave the office at night could really be a chore!
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On average printer uses 1.6W-8.6 W on standby and a fax machine uses 4.7W-11.6W.

- A printer using 11.6W in standby for 24 hours a day uses 0.012Kw. For 24 hours thats 0.29KwH. Which is 97.44kwH a year. Let's say you get charged 0.13p per KwH by your energy supplier, that's a total of £12.66 per year (which is $25.32). Which doesn't sound like a lot, but add on Monitors, Computers, Fax machines....and it's going to add up!
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