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Hypertext markup language

HTML is the abbreviation of Hypertext markup language which is an important language of tags and all type of web documents are defined by the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). A tag is a special letter or key word enclosed in angular brackets. Most tags have their corresponding closing tags represented by the same special letter or key word enclosed in angular brackets but proceeded by a slash (/).Depending upon which tag is used the enclosed content can then have a specific effect, style or format.

HTML is case independent. It has a fixed number of tags and attributes. Attributes are those specific words/letters prescribed for certain tags having certain possible values. The browser has the capability of reading / interpreting each tag and its attributes used in a code and can show the result accordingly.
An HTML document starts with <HTML> tag which has its closing tag. The entire text work (including tables, images, lists, buttons etc.) is contained within a pair of <body> tag. A <Head> tag can also be used before the body tag to provide title and other information about the web page.

To understand the HTML tags some basic HTML tags are expressed here under:
1. <html>
2. <head>
3. <title>
4. </title>
5. </head>
6. <body>
7. </body>
8. </html>

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