Can You Explain Briefly SDLC Stages?


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SDLC stands for Systems Development Life Cycle. This is a traditional methodology used to develop, maintain and replace information system. This cycle consists of five stages. The stages are as follows

1.    Planning
2.    Analysis
3.    Design
4.    Implementation
5.    Maintenance
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System Analysis and Design: It is the process of studying the business or project with the aim of improving the process by adopting better techniques and procedures. System design life cycle is set of tasks needed to visualize, develop and implement a new or modify an existing system. System design life cycle consists of 6 main stages which are:

Preliminary Investigation: In this phase, in which you basically define the system’s scope. Identify what a system will do and will not do. And most importantly you gather initial data or information about the project or system.

System Study: Identify that how the existing system works by conducting interviews, surveys and so on. In this you study how to improve the existing system and for this you identify lots of alternative solutions.

System Design: After identifying the problem in the system and making some alternative and design the system which answer the question how to implement the system study solutions. This involves determining the output media such as hardware or software output, storage requirements and so on.

Software Development: In this phase you actually make the software programs with respect to the design specifications.

System Implementation: After designing the software you go for its implementations and testing.

Post Implementation & Evaluation: After the program is tested and implemented it is evaluated by the end users and if still some problems exists it then you try to fix these bugs again and make more improvements.

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Its life cycle of a system

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