Why do we use SDLC method?


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The SDLC method is used to ensure maximum productivity and success for a system or piece of software, ensuring the customer who purchases it is more than satisfied, leading to a good buying experience which will go on to generate more success by either repeat purchases or word-of-mouth promotion.

  • What is SDLC?
The SDLC, or Systems Development Life Cycle, method is used to create information systems, software or technology that excels. The model has five main steps:

1. Analysis: Looks at current systems and the requirement of the one being designed.
2. Design: Looks at the customer's specific needs for the new system.
3. Implementation: The actual coding of the system.
4. Testing: Looking for software issues and bugs. This section brings all aspects of analysis and design to fruition and ensures the system is ready for use.
5. Evaluation: Looks at how well the system has integrated and finds areas for improvement.

  • Why is this model used and how does it improve systems/software?
Each of these steps is designed to ensure that the piece of software or system being developed will be as good as it possibly can be. The model aims to ensure the product will exceed the expectations of its purchaser, will be cost effective to set up, maintain and improve, arrives at completion according to schedule, and integrates perfectly with the current systems. Improvements are made at each step, and, as is the nature of technology, improvements continue to be made during the system's entire lifespan, as it will need upgrading in order to continue being as productive as possible.

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