What Is One Function Of A Router?


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If you have a wireless router, then all the laptops around will have internet if you type the password in for it.
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A router is basically a device that is designed to direct the flow of information between networked computers. The router evolved from earlier devices like hubs and switches, but it was enhanced to perform operational tasks that the earlier devices were not capable of. A router can recognize incoming information and, using tables and contrasting planes, it can quickly and efficiently direct the data to the appropriate locations. Sophisticated routers have the capability to "learn" to some degree, which allows them to gradually increase their effectiveness in a network environment.
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It is a big willy
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Function of Router is to route the data traffic coming from one network segment ( suggest network to another segment (logically of different network

Switches & Hubs are lay two devices but router is Layer Three device.
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A router is used to connect different nodes (PCs) together, so as to share files and folders with each other.

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