Is There A Cheat To Get Event Regigigas?


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You there is one but I just lost mine today it stinks!
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You can't get the event Regigigas, but I know how you can hatch an egg that is a combonation of Mew and Acreus!
1. Mate Mespirt and Giratina.
2. Mate UIxie and Dialga.
3. Mate Azelf and Palkia. (Dialga, Giratina, and Palkia are the powerful part like Arceus. The three lake pokemon are the phsyic part like Mew.)
4. Once you have all three eggs in your party, get an Unown E and two Unown Gs and put them going down in that order for your party.
5. Talk to Prof. Rowan, and Cynthia will come and say " You have three eggs and three Unowns spelling the word egg. Would you like to combine all the eggs for one rare legendary egg?", then say yes and she will take your eggs, walk out the door, and bring it back to you and the egg will be bright blue with pink dots. (And you got to go to the lab in the next town over from twinleaf Town.)
6. Keep the egg in your party untill it hatches, and then give it lots off rare candies so it will level up, the pokemon will look like a white Mew with that gold thing that looks a little like two pokeball halfs on Arceus.

I hope you enjoy this little cheat! But you can only do this once or else your game will freeze.
And I did this before so I know it works, but it only works for platinum only. And I swear it works, garented!
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There is no cheat for it but to get it you have to migrate Reg ice,Regirock and Registeel from ruby and the other games.
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Yes here it is. (only for platinum) 94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E001637C 00000088
0A354D3C 69150000
92B7BAD5 63996FE3
A3F4091E 75934A32
29D34673 35BC0767
1D9013D8 69A26469
E1401CBC A9D01184
DD9F011D 83C68A5C
2A393E6E 5D81108B
46B0146A 6E5A17F9
C02F5D4D 2A9C30C8
FCC529E4 CC780F91
E8B5DBF5 222E0BD1
8E8637AF 68FC57A5
96240AA6 C1EB6922
C0D24403 A7EFE094
2EC5E574 D68654FF
39DF9F50 939E55CC
D2000000 00000000
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You go to snow point city and go to the ruins and go to the last floor he will just be there an he is lv 1

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