How To Get The Key For Dire Maul Solo?


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Dire Maul is a high-level instance in the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing game) World of Warcraft. The instance is divided into three wings, and all but the Eastern wing require a key to enter. Conveniently, the key can be obtained in the Eastern wing. Getting the key involves repeatedly talking to the imp Pusillin, following him around the instance and talking to him again each time he stops. Eventually the imp becomes hostile, and summons some minions, and the player must kill him to be able to loot the key from his corpse.
From within the Dire Maul complex, there are two entrances to the Eastern Wing : one from the vast, central chamber ~ where the arena is -, and one from a side passage. Pusillin starts off just inside the door from the central chamber. Each time you talk to him he will run off and stop somewhere, a little further on. Often at these stopped positions he will be close to hostile NPCs. You will need to fight them and kill them before being able to talk to Pusillin safely. A solo player will not be able to do this. Classes with aggro-dump abilities such as rogue or hunter may be able to get away with Vanishing or Feigning Death after hurriedly talking to Pusillin. A player of any other class will just have to die and re-enter the instance.
Eventually Pusillin ascends a ramp to a small chamber. When you talk to him there, he becomes hostile, and summons some little imps. If you position yourself carefully, you can fight and kill the small imps before having to fight Pusillin. Much of the damage you will encounter in this fight ~ both from the imps and from Pusillin ~ is fire-based so, if you have fire resistance gear, put it on. The fight is difficult to solo but it should be doable if the player is skilled and well-geared.

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