When Was The Computer Invented?


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By a Computer if one means a device which can perform simple mathematical calculations then the first one can be said to be the Abacus (around 300 BC), a contraption of beads arranged in vertical or horizontal patterns to perform simple calculations used first in China.

Speaking about recent times the computer as a mechanism that could perform calculations or change the course of mechanical tasks without the aid of a human being was first observed in the weaving machine of the French weaver Joseph Jacquard (1800) who is generally believed to be the first person to use punched cards in his machines for different weaving patterns. Charles Babbage's design of the Analytical Machine (1830) can be said to be the precursor to the modern computer.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century a number of developments took place, but it was in the 1940s that the competition really became intense with Konrad Zuse's Z1 Computer (1936), he is credited with being the first to invent the computer, Atanasoff and Berry's ABC Computer (1942), Howard Aiken's Harvard Mark 1 Computer (1944) and Eckert and Mauchly's ENIAC 1 Computer (1946). All the above machines could be regarded as the first computers as each used a different technology; for example the Mark1 used electromagnetic tapes while Zuse's device was electro-mechanical in character and the ENIAC 1 used vacuum tubes, 20,000 to be precise.
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The first programmable computer was made by Germany's Konrad Zuse in his living room in 1936-1938

The first digital computer was basically made and started being developed in 1937 by Proffesor John Vincent Atanasoff, but it was improved lots of times after that by different people

The first stored program computer was made on May 6th 1949. It was the first computer that ran the first graphical game.

The first personal computer was made by Ed Roberts in 1975.

The first workstation was made in 1974

The first laptop or protable computer was made in 1984

The first PC (IBM compatible) computer was made in 1953

The first PC alone was made in 1983

The first apple computer was made in 1976

The first computer company was made in 1949

The first multemedia computer was made in 1992!

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They were invented in about 1983 or something but the big one' s have been here for a long time if you were 19 they would be for you were born did I answer your question?
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About 2400 bc

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