Can You Describe The Computer's Semi Permanent (magnetic) Memory ?


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Most computers are also equipped a third type of memory which can be altered by the computer as a result of a particular instruction, just like RAM. However the main difference between RAM and magnetic memory is that the information in RAM is lost completely as soon as the power is switched off. The advantage of magnetic memory is that its contents remain available and unchanged irrespective of the power-supply; computer itself can only alter it. IT may also be highlighted here that magnetic memory takes much longer to change or read( several thousand times as long).

As compared to RAM: still several hundred thousands of units may be written to or read from this megalithic memory by the computer in one second. Due to the (disc) shape of the magnetic medium on which magnetic memory is provided by the manufacturer , the magnetic memory is usually known as the " Disc Memory".

Furthermore, the disc or magnetic memory is available in at least two different forms, the first being a "floppy disk". This memory comes on a disk , which can be removed from the machine , and another substituted for it. A floppy disk could easily store 1000 pages of a book. The hard disk is usually 10-1000 times faster to access as compared to the floppy disk and also has storage capacity , which can typically be between 4000 to 20000 times that of one floppy disk.

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