How Can You Describe The Characteristics Of The Optical Fiber?


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Fiber optic cable consists of thousands of strands of clear glass fiber, each the thickness of a human hair, which are bound into cables. Data are transformed into pulses of light, which are sent per second. Fiber optic cable by a laser device at a rate from five hundred kilobits to several billion bits per second. Fiber optic cable is considerably faster, lighter, and more durable than wire media and well suited to systems requiring transfers of large volumes of data. However, fiber optic cable is more difficult to work with more expensive, and harder to install. In most networks used to connect the backbone to individual devices. A backbone is the part of a network that handles the major traffic.

Wireless transmission that sends signals through air or space without any physical tether has emerged as an important alternative to tether transmission channels such as twisted wire, coaxial cable and optic fiber. Optical fiber cable have the very fast data transfer rate, it is the very fast media all the backbone connectivity through the optic fiber. The data transmit over the channel as light speed. The wireless transmission mediums the electromagnetic spectrum, some types of wireless transmission, such as microwave or infrared, by nature occupy septic spectrum frequency ranges.

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