How Does Dell Sell Its Computer To Its Customers?What Is This Business Model Known As?


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Dell is famous in manufacturing computer and its accessories. It is one of the pioneer technologies which is making computer system and its accessories. The basic model of dell business is to use the direct marketing concept by which users are directly targeted to the consumers. They use direct marketing approach by eliminating the middleman expense they are providing cheap system to the end users of the computer.

So this is the main philosophy for the Dell to sell its computer to the world wide. They use direct marketing approach to sell their system. They have made a lot of country specific websites by which the users can provide they order after selecting the good from the website and the management of the Dell provides them to the user by courier at their home. So this is the basic model of the Dell strategy.

The Dell use no middleman or distribution channel for the sale of their products to the end users. They are also providing customization in order to facilitate users to have system of their own choice. So user can go to their website and make their own system according to the specification they need. So this is the main business model of Dell.

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