What Are Some Good Anime/manga Fanfic Sites?


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But your not allowed to use adblock on it though

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I can only think of the famous:
Www.fanfiction.net stories and a lot of the anime/manga ones.
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Http://Lalaloopsy.com Http://Zwinky.com Both of them are avatar sites also http://imvu.com is a good one. Lalaloopsy is a really good kids entertainment game wich includes you downloading and what you do is to choose what ever character your child wishes and you go on a magical adventure playing games and having fun with your pets. Also zwinky toolbar is an awesome entertainment to attack your bordemness. Just dress up characters and have a ball. Last but not least imvu.com a website for romance and also to find a great relationship by downloading this awesome avatar game. But the most fun of all for all ages is http://fiesta.com choose a manga character and choose the weapons and fight against the evil,devil and the heavenly. All of theese are rated from Lowest ages to bigger but fiesta like I said is for all ages. Apparently sorry you need to download all of theese games but I am sure imvu has some way to join without downloading. I hope that helps for you as it certainly helped for me.

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