What Is Sorting? Explain Different Procedures For Sorting Records In MS Access?


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Sorting is actually a procedure of placing the data in some order or we can say that the sorting is a way of organizing something like data in some specific manner. This ordering makes this possible or easy to search a specific data element from sorted elements. In computer science sorting is very much important. As efficiency is a major concern of computing, thus data is sorted in order to gain the efficiency in retrieving or searching tasks.

In any database management system sorting plays a big role. All the data in a database, is stored in a sorted and compact form by a database management system.
The Microsoft access is a database management system that is mostly used for small size databases.

There are different ways of sorting the records in Microsoft access. The two generally used ways of sorting are as:
1. sort ascending
2. sort descending

These two ways of sorting can be used with respect to the date of records and alphabetical order.You can sort the database records either by one column or by multiple columns.In order to sort the records by one column, place the cursor in any cell of that column and select required sorting option from the 'Record' menu.
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Actually sorting is a way of manage the randomly data in sequence.
Two types of sorting: Ascending sort and Descending sort
Ascending sort is find the smallest number in array and placed on first position and largest number laced on last position then so on.
Descending sort is find the largest number  in given array and smallest number placed on last number and then so on.....
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Define sorting
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The process of arranging data or records in a sequence is known as sorting. The data can be sorted in two ways:
Ascending Sort and Descending Sort.Ascending sort is a sorting technique in which the smallest data is placed at the position and the largest data is placed at last position. Descending sort is a sorting technique in which the largest data is placed at first position and the smallest data is placed at last positing.

Sorting in MS Access
The records in a table cab be sorted in Datasheet view in two ways:
Using menu
Using toolbar
Sorting Using Menu
The following procedure is used to sort the records using menu:
Open the table in datasheet view. Select the field according to which data will be sorted. Select the Records> Sort. It will display a submenu. Choose sort Ascending or Sort descending. The records will be sorted according to the selected option
Sorting using Toolbar
Open the table in Datasheet view.
Select the field according to which data will be sorted.

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