What Are Examples Or Hardware Components?


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Computers are loosely made up of three types of components:

Hardware: The physical parts or components that make up the computer.

Software: The programs that are stored and run by the hardware.

Peripherals: A device that is used to put information into, or get information out of, the computer.

Key pieces of hardware are:

  • Hard drive. Used for long term storage of data and programs.
  • RAM (random access memory): Used for short term storage of memory whilst the computer is running.
  • CPU (central processing unit): The "brain" of the computer. Performs most of the calculations which enable the computer to function.
  • CMOS Battery: The "watch" of the computer. Keeps the time and date.
  • Motherboard: A printed circuit board that allocates power to all other hardware and allows them to communicate with each other.
These days, computers are such an important part of our everyday life that it's difficult to imagine spending time without them!

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