What Is Multitasking?


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Multitasking most commonly refers to a multiprogramming capability on a single user operating system. It's the ability of an operating system to enable two or more programs or program tasks, from a single user, to execute concurrently on one computer. This feature allows a user to perform such work as editing a file in one program while the computer performs calculations in another program or printing a document while the user is editing another document at the same time. Remember, one processor, like one dentist can attend to only task at a time. But today's CPUs work so fast that users often perceive two things happening at once.
Users can fully appreciate multitasking when they need continuing access to their computers while performing operations that require exceptionally long processing times. For example, suppose that you want to search through a large database for all people between the ages of 25 and 35 with six years of service and some experience with computers. On a small computer with an extremely large personnel database, such a search may take several minutes; multitasking allows you to use your computer to perform another task, in the same or a different program, while the search continues in the background.

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