Can You Give Me Some Practical Examples Of Multitasking,multiprogramming And Multiprocessing?


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Multi tasking can give a practical eg,if  you r working or a student preparing your self to get ready n start off (which includes daily routine works).also the work you do in office worth of say two people is multi tasking.According to Computer Science,serveral tasks run on the same computer focusing your conscious awareness in more than one place at a time

Multiprogramming:According to computer science it is the parrallel processing,in which several programs are run at the same time.If in practical can take eg of brain which has several thoughts running  in parallel which are not related to each other..

Multiprocessing:According to CS it is the growing entry with related topics, or it is  a computing in which different parts of a task are distrubuted in a similar CPU,when related can take the eg of any Office which has team,where the work is distrubuted eqully for the single output.

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