What Level Does Magmar Evolve At?


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Sorry but he doesn't evolve by level only by trading but he has to be holding a MAGMARIZER
to evolve after trade or

1: Catch a Magmar near fuego   ironworks
2: If its not holding a Magmarizer get one in route 214 past the    cave through the grass or use   rock smash to get there now     get the pokeball it will be a   Magmarizer
3: Go to jubilife city to the gts   global trading put magmar   with Magmarizer but put you     want to get something hard
   like a chimchar lv 100 .
   Now save wait for tommorow     or just wait awhile.

Tip: This can work with Electebuzz with electrizer something like that

If that doesn't work give Magmar a fire stone at lv 35

If that still don't work check the internet but put rude coments on me I'm only 6 yrs old & a huge pokefan
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You have to trade it while its holding a magmarizer, but there's another way to evolve it without having to trade it
1. Put magmar with magmarizer in the gts up for offer and ask for a hard to get pokemon like mew lv 9 and under so that nobody will be able to take your magmar
2. Go trade for any another pokemon and when the trading is complete go back to your magmar and take it back and when it gets back it will evolve
you can do this for any pokemon that need to be traded to evolve
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No level just trade
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He does not evolve by level

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