What Are The 5 Limitation Of Computer?


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Here are some limitations a computer has:

1. The computer can only perform the tasks you ask it to. You cannot expect a computer to be smarter than the person running it, though it can sometimes seem that way. Basically, as the person running it you have to tell the computer what tasks you want it to do. Yes, there are processes in the background, but these run based on preset information built in to the operating system.

2. A computer cannot generate information by itself. You have to give the computer operations, and even new instructions from time to time. Updates for example are a way to get new information to your computer to help streamline its functionality, but you still have to feed it that information by having an internet connection and automatic updates.

3. If you give the computer wrong data it is going to give you wrong information. The computer can only work with what you give it. It is just like giving directions to someone. If you tell someone to go right when they should have gone left, you are giving them the wrong information and they will not be able to find you.

4. Computers are unable to correct wrong instructions. The computer is always going to depend on your instructions, so you have to correct your mistake if you want it to work right.

5. Overall, a computer was built by humans and new technology comes out all the time. Hardware will eventually fade out and deteriorate. Given these properties it can be hard for a computer to remain a primo machine.These are five limitations computers have. There are more, but note most are based on human interaction with the computer, thus humans are part of the limitation a computer will have.

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