What Are The 5 Basic Characteristic Of Computer?


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The five most fundamental characteristics of any computer system are as follows:

• The model of the computer. This refers to the manufacturer of the computer (whether it was made by Acer; Apple; Dell) and the version of computer system. Each model has its own specification which makes it unique. Computer users should choose their model carefully to suit their individual computing needs.
• The speed of the computer. This involves both the speed of processing and the speed of navigation. In this modern day, the speed at which the Internet can be browsed on a particular computer is also important. Faster computers are more expensive than slower ones; computer manufacturers seek to make their products as quick as possible.
• The memory - or 'RAM' as it is technically known - of a computer. This influences a number of things. Firstly, computers with larger memory capacities can have a larger number of programs installed. They work at a quicker speed as their maximum memory capacity is less likely to be reached. In addition, more complex programs can be run on the system. These programs require more memory space so can only be ran on high capacity systems.
• The storage capacity of a computer. This aspect takes into account the amount of data that can be safely stored on a computer. Data types could include videos, music tracks and word documents. Those who wish to keep their music libraries on their computers will need systems with lots of storage space to prevent their system being overloaded.
• The input/output devices that can be used with a system. It is in this area that many high-profile systems fall down, as they are not compatible with a large number of add-on devices. Input and output devices range from keyboards to printers to scanners to memory sticks. They are crucial to any computer system as they allow data to be processed and a final result to be achieved.

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