What Are 5 Basic Characteristics Of Computer?


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There are a number of basic characteristics that computers of all shapes and sizes have in common. Five of these are: Speed, storage capacity, productivity, reliability and efficiency. Without these characteristics, a computer would not be the system that we know it as.

  • Speed
A computer has the capability to process several complex calculations and programs at the same time. In order to carry out these tasks a computer needs speed and a lot of it. The speed of a computer can be made faster or slower by the type of microprocessor that it contains.
  • Storage capacity
All computers have memory that is used to store vital information necessary for running programs and retrieving information. Again, these storage capacities will differ depending on the model of the computer. Additional storage capacity can be attached internally to the computer or externally through the use of an external hard drive.
  • Productivity and efficiency
These two characteristics usually go hand in hand. An effective computer is one that runs with a high rate of productivity, i.e. The efficiency is determined by how productive a computer is. The best computers are able to run a number of different programs efficiently and without slowing down.
  • Reliability
Some of the main uses of computers are based around the idea that they are reliable. Huge databases that are very difficult to control by people can be dealt with in a much more reliable manner by a computer. However, there are some computers that are much more reliable than others. This is something that can be affected by how old the computer is and how much data is stored on it.

The specific characteristics of a computer can vary depending on the complexity of the model. The five basic characteristics listed above can be said to be ones that all models of computers have in common.
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