Describe Three Different Types Of Microprocessor System Application?


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Three different types of microprocessor system application are industrial, commercial and domestic. A microprocessor is an electronic device that accepts a binary input, processes and gives results as an output. The way in which these microprocessor systems are used may depend on the different environments in which they are being applied.

Microprocessor systems are applied within industries for complex and advanced technology machinery. The robot manufacturers that are used to build cars are an example of one of the incredible uses of a microprocessor system. An abundance of information is fed into the microprocessor to ensure that the robotic manufacturer can do exact movements at exact times as well as multi-tasking a variety of jobs. The microprocessor systems that are used in an industrial application are unique and have far more complex and detailed instructions stored in their memory than domestic applications so that longer binary code can be processed.

The application of microprocessor systems can also occur in commercial products. These microprocessor-based appliances can vary from vending machines to photocopiers. The microprocessor systems within these devices need to be able to be reproduced on a large scale as well as be efficient and reliable. The microprocessors in a photocopier, for example, will need to be built to ensure the photocopier can cope with a variety of input and deliver outputs quickly and successfully.

Microprocessor systems can also be applied in domestic products. Most commonly in personal computers, burglar alarms and remote controls. Of all of the microprocessors that are sold in the United States each year, only two per cent are used for implementing into home computers and laptops. These microprocessor systems need to be manufactured on a mass-market scale and as they become more advanced on a general scale, the systems that are available for domestic use are increasingly complex.

With over ten billion microprocessors being manufactured every year, their applications are diverse. The ways in which they can be used are increasing and they are creating machinery that is far more intelligent.

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