Can You Describe Three Main Types Of XML Documents?


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·   Data-centric XML documents
Data-centric XML documents can contain either structured or semi-structured data, depending on whether they are schema (follow a strict definition) or schema-less. These documents usually consist of many, small data items. Data-centric documents are usually transported to XML from a DBMS for display or exchange and processing over the web.
·   Document-centric XML documents
Usually contain large amounts of text and few or no data items.
·   Hybrid XML documents
Hybrid XML documents are a combination of data-centric and document-centric XML document types.
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Generally there are two main types of XML documents which
include well-formed and valid. The distinction between the two types is based on the use of DTD. Categorizing XML documents from a different perspective we have following three types.

The first type is the File name extensions, which is the classic for PC world. It can be produced on a whim and it can be used in Unix. This XML type is easily connected in other systems for example; MIME identifiers can be used in HTTP environment. Secondly, MIME types, which is the internet standard. It can be used by a number of internet applications. Third type includes, DOCTYPE declarations, which is the de facto standard. It gives the description of the contents of a document as well.

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