Briefly Describe How Email Works. B) Explain The Main Advantages Of Email. C). Identify And Explain One Of The Main Problems Associated With Email Security. Can You Help?


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Email is basically Electronic Mail. Its like sending a mail or letter virtually rather then waiting for the postman to deliver the letter.

It's Advantages:
1) Faster Delivery Mostly Instant.
2) Easy to Access and reply instantly
3) No paper wastage
4) Easy to store and retrieve
5) No Clutter on your work or home desk with bills and other letters.
6) Almost all companies offer you email updates which you get much faster then the letter they send you via post.

Email Security is basically related to letting your password known to others. You should never let other know about your password. Otherwise Emails are quite safe.
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The e-mail client interacts with the SMTP server to send an e-mail message. The message is delivered to the SMTP server on the network that is identified in the address. The Sprint SMTP server completes the delivery by forwarding the message to the POP3 server.
The SMTP server forwards the e-mail message directly to the POP3 server if the message is sent within the same network.
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Email is Electronic mail. A mail which is sent electronically.
An email is a media where you can interact with people anywhere in the world.
With regards to Email security to mail provider gives assurance of full security

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