Write a CGI application which accepts three numbers from the user and display the biggest number by GET and POST method?


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It is possible that the code you are looking for could be found here: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Write_a_program_that_input_three_numbers_and_display_maximum_numbers.

Alternatively, there are a number of websites that you could use to teach yourself how to write these particular codes that you are requesting, including:

Just like any other format of programming, the CGI (or Common Gateway Interface) method allows you to create a script that will then inform a program to perform in a particular way. This CGI script can be used in a variety of ways and utilizes for a variety of purposes.

  • What do these scripts do?

The CGI scripts act as a way of collecting, collating and distributing data from one place to another seamlessly. For example, if you were to enter a piece of data into an entry field on a website, the CGI is responsible for transferring that data from the entry field to a database for storage, and then from that database to the next source.

It is important to remember that the CGI script is not the actual program. The CGI simply acts as the interface between the server and the browser. It is - as the title suggests - the gateway between the two sections.

  • Things to consider

It is also important to remember that CGI can also put a lot of pressure on the web server if it is not written properly. This can waste a lot of time and distract processing power from where it is needed more. Be sure to know exactly what you are doing when writing CGI scripts to get the best results.

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