Write An Assembly Language Program To Display The Sum Of Numbers From 1 To 10?


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Is that the full question ? If so follow this code

TITLE write a program that accepts n integer numbers from the user and sum up the numbers and display the sum of the numbers

average of the n numbers


WriteString PROTO   ; optional
ReadInt PROTO   ; optional


mess1 BYTE "Enter 10  integer numbers: ",0

mess2 BYTE "the sum of  ten  integer numbers: ",0
myarray SDWORD  10 DUP(?)

main PROC

mov esi, OFFSET myarray
mov ecx, LENGTHOF myarray
call inputfornum   ; Call the procedure to input the numbers
mov esi, OFFSET myarray
mov ecx, LENGTHOF myarray
call arraysum   ; call procedure to add the numbers
Call displaysum   ;  call procedure to display the sum

main ENDP

inputfornum PROC   ; start of the inputfornum procedure

pushad   ; save the registers

mov edx, OFFSET mess1 ; "Enter the numbers"  

; ======START of the loop

Call WriteString
call ReadInt ; input the number number
Call Crlf
mov [esi], eax
add esi, TYPE myarray

loop L1   ; loop back if ECX is not equal to zero
popad   ; restore the registers
ret   ; return to the procedure that do the call
inputfornum ENDP   ; End of the PROC

arraysum PROC   ;

push esi   ; Save the esi, and ecx
push ecx
mov eax,0

Add eax, [esi]
add esi,4
loop L2

pop ecx   ; restore ecx, esi
pop esi

arraysum ENDP

; procedure to display the sum

displaysum PROC

mov edx, OFFSET mess2
call writeString
call writeInt
call Crlf

displaysum ENDP

END main

the program ask a user for ten number and add them using procedure

if you have any question feel free to email me [email protected],

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