What Is The Difference Between Reference, Instance And Object In Java?


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Object is an occupied memory for a class. Reference points to that memory and it has got a name (you can call it as a variable). For example,
A a = new A();
here when we write "new A();" some memory will be occupied in the system.
'a' is the reference(variable) which points to this memory and is used to access the data present in this memory.
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Refrence is a variable that points the objects. Object is the instance of the class that have some memory and instance is a variable & methods that object have.
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Object is just a memory allocated to the variables of class . But at particular time the values hold by variables is the instance of that object . A single object can have more than one instance.
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Object is a by default super class.....yes its a java class.
Instance and object are same.
Reference is like pointer to reffer an object
Bus b = new Bus();
here b ia an reference
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object has a memory allocated to it during its creation using the syntax
classname var=new classname();
But for instance creation it returns only a pointer refering to an object,syntax is
classname varname;
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Object is the instance of a class, which is concrete. From the above example, we can create instance of class Vehicle as given below

  Vehicle vehicleObject;

We can have different objects of the class Vehicle, for example we can have Vehicle objects with 2 tyres, 4tyres etc. Similarly different engine capacities as well.

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Object is obtained when it has a life, means it has occupied some memory.
Reference points to the Object.
Instance is the copy of the Reference that points to object at a point of time.
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Reference means address of object or variable.  Object is instance of class and instance means representative of class i.e object.
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Object is a java class.
Instance is a variable that is a construction of that class.
Reference is what us old timers call a pointer to an instance.

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