Ten Reasons Why Students Should Bring Cell Phones To School?


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The reason why we the students should bring there cell phones to school is: If there was an emergency at school and you would need to contact a parent. The other reason is we would feel safer at school! :)
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1. We might need it in case of emergency
2. If you put the vibrate on, it could wake you up because you might fall asleep in class
3. You might have forgotten your keys
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If you have a allergy during recess you can call your parents to let them know what had happend
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Students have not been allowed to use cell phones in Ontario classrooms since 2019. Even now, in the digital era, education has not become virtual at all and even trying to work hard on a project, essay or domyhomeworkonline, I still use library archives, textbooks and journals to find some information. But at the same time, some students diagnosed with diabetes (or any other disease that requires constant attention) are using phone apps with reminders to take medicine them, note down the emotional and physical status and monitor health condition. How should teachers see to those?

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