How Do You Find The Laser Lens In The CD Player?


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Finding a laser lens of CD players is a tough job. However, it requires attention and care. There are different types of CD players and the position of lens in each of them varies. Generally, the lens is located under the insertion case of the player. So for you to find the lens you need to open all the possible nuts and screws that you see on the body of the player. Then you are supposed to see where is the lens located, if you find that the lens is under the tray of the player, then you should dismantle the tray. After dismantling the tray you can clearly check the lens. Lens will be a tiny fish-eye kind of device, and you will find laser light coming out of it.

Remember before you start the process, put of the power and disconnect the player from the switch. If in case you need to put on the player while it is open, you are suggested to ask some one to help you while doing this.

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