What Country Code Is 22?


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The number 22 by itself is not a country telephone code; however it is the beginning of several 3 digit country codes.  All of these codes are for countries located in Africa. If you would like to dial an international number from within the United States, you need to dial 011, the country code, then the number. If you are placing an outgoing call from within Europe, you must dial 00, the country code, then the number.

The country codes beginning with "22” are as followed: 220 for Gambia; 221 for Senegal;  222 for Mauritania; 223 for Mail; 224 for Guinea; 225 for Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast,) 226 for Burkina Faso; 227 for Niger; 228 for Togo; and 229 for Benin. Some of the area codes for Gambia include: 447 for Yundum; 446 for Kotu; 42 for Banjul; and 449 for Bakau. The area codes for the Ivory Coast include: 22 for Cocody; 34 for Sand Pedro; 20 for Plateau; 23 for Banco; and 36 for Korhogo. A few of the area codes within Guinea are: 53 for Pita; 41, 43, 45, and 47 for Conakry; 68 for Mamou; and 94 for Macenta. Mali is unique because it does not have any area or city codes. Mauritania only lists their public services as having city codes. The fire brigade is 18, the police is 17, the speaking clock 16, and inquiries are 12. Burkina Faso has several city codes including: 30-38 for Ougadougou; 55 or 56 for Ouahigouya; 45 or 49 for Kaya; and 53 or 54 for Tougan. Niger is another country that does not have city codes. Togo’s area codes include: 3 for Maritime; 5 for Central Region; and 7 for Savannah.  Area codes for Benin are: 23 for Aibori; 21Atlantique; 22 for Collines; and 20 for Ouémé.
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+220: Gambia
+221: Senegal
+222: Mauritania
+223: Mali
+224: Guinea
+225: Cote d'Ivoire
+226: Burkina Faso
+227: Niger
+228: Togo
+229: Benin

South Africa is +27
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Geneva, switzerland
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South africa?

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