What Country Code Is 0064?


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The country code for 0064 is New Zealand. Don't forget though, if you are calling New Zealand from another country, you will also need to enter the area code. These are different for each area.

If you are calling New Zealand from the United States, then you firstly need to dial the US exit code which is 001 and then enter 0064. If you are calling from the United Kingdom, then you just need to enter 0064 or +64.

Then you need to enter the one digit area code that corresponds to where you are trying to call. For Auckland dial nine, Christchurch dial three, Dunedin dial three, Hamilton dial seven, Howick dial nine, Invercargill dial three, Napier dial three, Nelson dial three, New Plymouth dial three, Palmeston North dial six, for Rotorua, Tauranga, Westport and Timaru dial three and for Wellington dial four.

Then enter the seven-digit phone number for the specific household that you wish to contact. So, simply put, the US to New Zealand international dialling format is 011 + 0064 + (one digit area code) + (seven digit phone number).

The dialling format for calling mobile phones in New Zealand from the United States is 011 + 64 + 2 + (mobile number, approximately eight to ten digits long). If you are calling a New Zealand mobile phone from the United Kingdom, then you do not need to dial the 011.

New Zealand is approximately 12 hours in front of the United Kingdom, this is even longer for the United States so if you are planning on calling someone over in New Zealand, make sure you plan ahead and pick a decent time so that you are do not annoy anyone by calling them in the middle of the night when they are asleep.

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