Explain The Disparity In Educational Technology Advancement In Schools Of Industrialized FIRST WORLD COUNTRY And A Still Developing Country In Philippines?


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First of all, it's important to understand exactly what this question is asking, as it is quite a complex question filled with jargon. The term disparity refers to inequality or unfairness, while educational technology advancement simply refers to the level and quality of technology available for students to assist in their studies. As a result, an answer to this question would require a comparison between a country such as America, and the Philippines, in order to understand the differences between the technologies available within the field of education.

In the Philippines, technology is still not particularly prominent, although it plays a major role in education in other Asian countries. While higher education institutes such as universities offer specialized courses in computing, there is less influence in elementary education, and education of younger students. The minor role of computing and information technology in the educational system of the Philippines is demonstrated by the influence of figures such as William Padolina. Padolina was expressing concerns about the importance of technology, and the lack of the technology in the Philippines, as early as 1996 at the International Conference on the Development of Information Infrastructure. He is a passionate advocate of the use of technology in all walks of life in the Philippines, and especially in education.

On the other hand, in the first world country of America, computers and other forms of technology are used on a daily basis by students of all levels. According to government figures from 2008, 100% of public schools in America possessed computers with internet access, which could be used by their students. In addition, an estimated 58% of schools had laptop computers stored on carts, which could be placed in any classroom which needed them. As you can see, the difference between the availability of technology in schools is staggering:

• More American than Filipino children have access to a computer at school
• More American than Filipino children have access to the internet at school
• More American than Filipino children are confident in using computers to aid in their education
• More American than Filipino teachers incorporate the use of computers into their lessons
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A lot of articles featured racial disparities in education at the University of Central Lancashire. Doing my research paper on the tech tools for anti-bulling, I used to write an essay and add stats to my investigation. With the huge amount of students coming from African countries, there has been a necessity to organize a protective community of volunteers who are eager to help those poor students and speak up for the rights.

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