0022 which county code is this?


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The phone number 0022 is not a phone number for any country, however if you add a number of single digits afterwards it will be a number of countries in the same area of Africa. Here is a list:
00220 Gambia
00221 Senegal
00222 Mauretania
00223 Mali
00224 Guinea
00225 Côte d'Ivoire
00226 Burkina Faso
00227 Niger
00228 Togo
00229 Benin

Telephone codes are given to countries in the same manner as they are given to areas of countries so they can determine what part of or what country that these numbers belong to.
There are hundreds of these numbers in the world and are termed as International Direct Dialing codes (IDD). Before these IDD numbers or codes existed, it was necessary to ring an operator to get put through to the country you wished to be put through to, these codes have stopped the need for that and allow people to be in direct contact with any country they want via the use of one of these codes.
Areas are divided into certain numbers. This can be seen by the collection of numbers that are all countries that are in close proximity to each other. This makes it easier to locate and also to give numbers out.
To get the phone number for a certain place you will also need the area and the business or house number along with the IDD code. This will mean you get a direct line to the house or the business in question. Most codes worldwide need you to add a double 0 at the start of the country code and to drop the 0 in front of the area code.

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