What Is Source Data Automation? Example Of Source Data Automation


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Source Data Automation is the use of automated methods of data entry that attempt to reduce or eliminate many of the activities, people and data media required by traditional data entry methods. It is basically the process of collecting data at the point of origin in digital form.

Automated data entry eliminates much of the effort and delay in the extra handling involved in traditional data entry methods and therefore the potential for error in duplicated entries etc.. The data can then be collected straight from the Source Data Automation device, which is ready to process the transaction and it is possible to instantly check for accuracy during the data entry process.

Its many benefits have made source data automation a compelling choice for many types of commercial data entry today. Source data automation has transformed a number of information handling tasks. For example, workers who take orders over the phone today usually enter needed input directly into a display workstation, so they don't have to record the same data twice.

Source data automation also speeds up checkout lines and inventory taking at supermarkets, quality control operations in factories and check processing in banks. Examples of source data automation include bar code scanners, (otherwise known as Optical Character Readers), Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR codes) on bank checks, the magnetic stripe on credit cards, touch screens and voice recognition systems. Source Data Automation is used because of its cost effectiveness; it contains accurate and complete data and provides quick  availability of data. It is also easy to track operational trends and can support decisions.
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Document Management Systems are used to capture data in soft or digital form from a hard copy. The EDM softwares allow the users to edit process and store the “captured” data and effectively categorize it for future use. In other words, the dossiers and files are now digitalized. The Electronic Document Management Softwares use scanners for capturing data from hard copies. The data scanned can be anything from transaction receipts to business reports, to customer records to transcribed interviews to sales invoices.

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