Can You Describe Data Transmission Modes?


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The way in which data is transmitted from one place to another is called data transmission mode. There are three types of data transmission modes:
• Simplex mode
• Half duplex mode
• Full duplex mode
1. Simplex Mode
In simplex mode, data can flow only in one direction. It cannot be moved in both directions. It operates in a manner similar to a one-way street. The direction of flow never changes. A device with simplex mode can either send or receive data. It cannot perform both actions.
An example is a traditional television broadcast. The signal is sent from the transmitter to TV antenna. There is no return signal.
2. Half-Duplex Traffic
In half-duplex mode, data can flow in both directions but not at the same time. It is transmitted one-way at one time. A device with half-duplex mode can send or receive data but not at the same tune. That is why the speed of half-duplex mode is slow.
Internet surfing is an example of half-duplex communication. The user issues a request for a web page. The web page is downloaded and displayed before user issues other request,
3. Full-Duplex Mode
In full-duplex mode, data can travel in both directions simultaneously. Full duplex mode is a faster way of data transmission as compared to half duplex. Time is not wasted in changing the direction of data flow.
A telephone is a full duplex device. Both persons can talk at the same time. Another example of full-duplex communication is automobile traffic on a two-lane road. The traffic can move in both directions at the same time.
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Why mobile phone is the example of full duplex transmission mode? If both data will go through the same path then the data can be colloide.

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