Can You Identify Any Clusters, Gaps, Or Outliers And Analyze The Data By Describing What These Values Represent.


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A gap is an interval that contains no data.EX: You have nothing in the line plot between the cluster(2-3-4-5-6) and the outlier(13).the gap is(7-12)
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I understand what gaps and clusters are but I don't know what "outliers" are. Please explain it for me. Thanks
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An outlier is a datapoint at one end of the distribution that is separated from the rest of the distribution by a (large) gap. For example, when the age distribution of people in a high school class taught by a retiree is plotted, the age of the retiree is an outlier.
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A gap is what lies between clusters or between a cluster and an outlier. It is a "hole" in the data, space where you would expect to find sample values based on the notion that the distribution is continuous, but you don't.

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