What Is The Purpose Of Documentation In Software Development?


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Software technology is product specific and employed to enhance business operations. A number of business transactions use software that is customized to fit within the parameters of the venture. Today, it takes only a few minutes to update and implement software and this does not take place outside of the system. The installation is internal and user-friendly, but even then, documentation helps to cover certain areas of software development and installation.

The main purpose behind including documentation for software development is to strike a balance between the availability and usage. Also, it helps to safeguard the freedom offered by the software companies, against misuse and abuse. Licensing is made mandatory to keep a check on and identify genuine packages from fraudulent attempts and elements. Documentation in software development helps to supervise:
- safety evaluation of the product and usage
- conduct surveys and avail of valuable fee-back
- communicate special business information about the product

Documentation in software development is physical evidence that protects the consumer and manufacturer. It helps to identify genuine products and services and in turn, build a rapport between the two market-segments, that of the user and provider. The documentation of records is undeniable and available for presentation, when and as the need arises.
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I think it is extremely important because with that we can clarify the development of the software, on the other hand, in some parts, discovery phase in software development requires more collaborators with experience in some projects, but above all, everything must always be documented in each line of code.

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Documentation is theoretical form of all the steps we perform while developing a software. It is useful for the developer as well as the user of that software.

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