If U Opened A Barber Shop What Mission Statement Would U Choose?


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The whole purpose of having a mission statement is that it makes you stand out from the competition. It is your message and guarantee to your customers so it should really come from the heart and be unique to your business. Taking that into account, it should fit the public brand image as it needs to match the type of clientele you are seeking.

You could consider including points such as these:

  • ______ Barber Shop has been set up to keep the local _____community up-to-date with the latest styles at a fraction of the price.
  • We realize how important looking good is and we are dedicated to working together with our customers to give them styles they love and more importantly- styles that make them feel good.
  • With a team of stylists with over 40 years combined experience you can trust us to get your hair cut right. We will tailor the style to suit your face shape and will even offer advice on how to keep the style looking its best once you step outside the door.
  • We also offer a range of other treatments including waxing, shaving and massages. Just give us a phone call or drop in to visit us for some more information.
  • Without our loyal customers we would not even exist. Our customers are number one and we will always do all that we can to make your visit to us as pleasant as possible. Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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