How Are TV Screens Measured?


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The screen size of a television is usually determined by measuring the screen diagonally. Television is said to be a widespread telecommunication system used for the purpose of transmitting and receiving moving pictures and sound over a particular distance. Since the 1940s the television has become a familiar household reception gadget found all across the globe and it is now ever-present in nearly all homes. Since the 1970s, video and later digital playback system like DVDs, have widened the use of television.

A standard television resolution of 720 by 480 means that the television will exhibit 720 pixels across and 480 pixels on the vertical alignment. The brightness of a picture calculates how effervescent and impacting the colours are. A television is usually assembled to receive diverse broadcast and video formats like HDTV.
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They are measured by their diagonal length: The
distance from the upper left corner to the lower right corner . That's the big number you see on the package.

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