What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of HTML?


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Tarvinder Singh answered
• Easy to use
• Loose syntax (although, being too flexible will not comply with standards)
• Supported on almost every browser, if not all browsers.
• Widely used; established on almost every website, if not all websites.
• Very similar to XML syntax, which is increasingly used for data storage
• Free - You need not buy any software
• Easy to learn & code even for novice programmers
• It cannot produce dynamic output alone, since it is a static language
• Sometimes, the structuring of HTML documents is hard to grasp
• You have to keep up with deprecated tags, and make sure not to use them
• Deprecated tags appear because another language that works with HTML has replaced the original work of the tag; thus the other language needs to be learned (most of the time, it is CSS)
• Security features offered by HTML are limited

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