Can You Please Send Me Sap-crm Questions Otherwise Send Me Some Url Links.?


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Mary Frederick answered
I think, one of the best sites for finding information related to CRM and SAP is the ittoolbox site at When you enter this url into your yahoo or google search bar, you will see a listing of many ittoolbox pages. Most of those pages deal with SAP applications. The first one is especially helpful, because of the discussions, from which, you can learn more than a book can tell you. You will also find White Papers, tutorials and downloads to help at the pages of the site.

Go to for a SAP Exam Study Guide and for CRM Study Guide These are page Url's, within the same website. However, there is information available for CRMSAP within these pages. There are also links to other sites with more information. You can also go to and enter SAP and CRM into the site Search bar and find even more information.

I wish there was just one site with a long list of questions for you, but that just is not the way, technology knowledge is passed along. I have come to believe this area of expertise develops so rapidly, because of the interaction of many brilliant minds, asking each other questions and working together to find solutions.

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