Can You Send Me A Set Of Objective Questions With Answers Regarding To SAP (ABAP)?


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Some of the sample questions for SAP basis certification are as follows: when creating a log on group for log on load balancing, which of the following cannot be specified? (a. maximum allowable response time, b. maximum number of users who may be logged on to the instance, c. name of the instance defined for the log on group, d. maximum number of sessions per user and e. name of the logon group).

Which R/3 system user is used for starting external programs using SAP background jobs? (a. DDIC, b. SAP, c. SAPR3, d. SAPCPIC and e. adm), name the R/3 system transaction used for monitoring a spool request (a. SM50, b. SM51, c. SPAD, d. SP01 and e. SM37), which of the following is authorised to maintain R/3 user id parameters? (a. only the R/3 system administrator, b. all R/3 users having an account in the same R/3 client, c. only the user himself and d. only the R/3 system administrator and the user) and given a LAN with an R/3 central instance with database (node: host1, instance name: DVEBMGS01, SAPSID: C11), R/3 dialogue instance (node: host2) and several R/3 frontend PC's, what is the name of the profile where the SAPDBHOST parameter is defined? (a. C11_DVEMBGS00_host1, b. the SAPDBHOST parameter is defined in the database startup profile, c. TEMU.PFL, d. DEFAULT.PFL and e. start_DVEMBGS01_host1).

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