How Do You Open A Video Game Store?


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Stuti Ahuja answered
A few basic things that you need to open your own video game store are a good timing, some financial help, determination, passion and very good luck. First, you need to make a plan which should be a long-term plan. It will help if you have an expert financial planner. You need to figure out a budget and then work around it. Decide how big the place will be and how many games can you afford to buy. If you do not have your own capital, you can get a bank roll, for which you have to make a very tight plan and present it to the bank in order to get the money. You should also decide if you want to take up a franchise or your independent store, where to get the games from and where to get the best retail prices for the games. You should know your market and stock in order to succeed in your business. You can get detailed information about how to open your own video game store on

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