What Is The Importance Of Internet In Students Life?


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For a student, it can help their studies enormously. The Internet makes research quick, simple and easy, but more importantly, it makes it enjoyable. Young people love to use computers due to the interactivity it provides. Web pages are much more up-to-date than old text books that were previously used for studying, so not only is the information accurate, but it is also designed to engage students in a way that they find entertaining. Trends change so quickly that the style of a text book becomes outdated within a few years, but the Internet has the capabilities to update pages continually, so they are always appealing for the intended audience. The Internet also allows students to research and learn about topics that would previously be unknown to them due to lack of resources. Some schools do not stock every single book on a particular subject, but with the Internet, the learning possibilities are limitless.
The Internet also provides immediacy; something that today’s generation desire. Young people often want something to happen quickly once they have thought of it. They do not want to wait a week for a book to arrive, they want to jump on the Internet right away and research it. If they send a letter, they want an immediate response, which is something that an email permits.
The Internet also allows a new level of socialising. It means that people can get in touch with friends at any time of day or night and interact as a group throughout the day with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They make it easy to share links, views, opinions and new-found trends, music and films in a matter of seconds.
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The internet is becoming more and more important in all aspects of life. It is a way of communications, many jobs have been created, it is important to understand the net as many jobs now require a knowledge there of and so on. So for students, it is important for being able to do research and term papers as well interact with friends or study groups if you form them. Also helps parents keep track of their kids activities. Its all good
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The importance of internet in students is to helps the students to find more information about his/her topics,
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It  is a  reliable source of information for easiest and fastest way.
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The advent of internet has influenced not only the educational world but also every dimension of today's world.
Observation and studying books were the prior sources to search but search engines brought up a new way of exploration.
At the present time it seems is not possible to make it detached from today's life.
The first place which was equipped with Internet and computer in a school was the school bureau,
and then it was extended out to classes and became medium for searching in student's hands.
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Very good effect of internet on student's life.
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Find five students who have internet access at home. Ask them to estimate how much time each week they spend online to browse the web for reports, presentations, and projects
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The internet is important because it gives access to bothe both students and educators to vast educational resources . It provides students of any age with the ability to collaborate with others and answer questions they cannot answer on their own. Amazing projects in science, software development and organisations like Wikipedia and Guttenberg are maintained by volunteers and make a worldwide impact on human knowledge.
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Internet is important in our studies and in education because it helps us in some of our assignments and researches.So we don't need to buy books or go to to library just to search for some of our assignments.But also there are disadvantages if not use properly,.because some web pages or sites have bad pictures or bad essays that doesn't fit children.So therefore,we need to follow the netiquettes.These are some of the netiquettes
1. Follow the same basic rules you would in your real life.
2. Do not type in all uppercase as it comes across as if you are YELLING.
3. Do not used mixed uppercase and lowercase when it is not needed.
4. Use proper punctuation.
5. Do not flame.
6. Do not SPAM (flood) a message board or chat room with the same message.
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Internet usage is important as internet are the biggest source of all aspect.Internet covers the world happenings everyday.Internet includes a variety of current issues and developments about the world. Internet facilitate students to enter universities.

This is because students can register through some of the website according to the university of their choice.Besides,internet also contain various type of social sites.We can get new friends and even meet our old friends through these social sites.

Moreover,by interacting and chatting with pen pals from overseas, we can strengthen the relations between foreign countries thus enlighten us to a better community.

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The internet is like a "knowledge economy" - a highway of information that we can all take part in. We can share our knowledge online, but also gain access to unlimited knowledge and info too. Kind of like this site I guess!

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The Internet is very beneficial for students in all aspects. It serves as a teacher to students from where you can ask everything and it will answer you. The Internet can be used to very fast purposes to get information and knowledge to want to get your subject, field, education, institution, etc. Although we can say that it has revolutionized the world from games to business. Having millions of benefits we will discuss here few which describe how it is beneficial for students and schools.

If you are at least 18 years old, you can earn money, using Internet. For example, playing

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I think kavita due to internet I can answer your question. So simply as I am also student perceived is that 90% of research material is available at internet so without this we cannot meet the globalization technology and so other things.

I feel if internet is not developed before 25 years back we cannot know the behaviour gesturers knowledge and technology of any other.

And last but the most important it's up to you how you use it

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