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MySpace is a social networking site. This means that once you have registered, you can create your own profile page, complete with photos and information about yourself in order to network with either people that you already know, or new people.

MySpace is a huge network, so it is a great platform for keeping up with the people you don’t get to see that often, and it’s also a great way of finding people that you have lost touch with. There are different formats that you can use to stay in touch and to communicate with your friends, such as instant messaging (IM); email; blogs; forums; groups and bulletins.

You will find that you are able to add music or videos to your MySpace profile without any cost. In fact, the advanced editing that is incorporated into the site means that you will be able to add practically anything.

One of the downsides to MySpace is that, although there are privacy settings that you can put into place, doing so will mean that nobody can see your profile, which seems a bit pointless. Facebook, on the other hand, has more sophisticated privacy settings that allow you to withhold all of your personal details, photographs and information to everybody except your friends. You can even decide what it is you would like to limit, so there isn’t just a blanket ban. This is great because if you decide you don’t want everybody looking at your photos, for example, but you would like to leave a little bit of information out there so that people who may be looking for you will have a better idea that it is actually you, you can do.

Another disadvantage to using MySpace is that sometimes it is difficult to work out how to do particular things, such as creating a slideshow of your photos.
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Myspace can be used for a number of things, such as meeting new friends and promotion. Many new bands use Myspace for promotion, in order to build up fans and attract people to their gigs. Many artists and writers use Myspace as a way to promote their work and gather positive comments from people.

You can build up a large number of friends on Myspace by adding your friends so that they appear in your friend space, and getting your friends' friends to add you to their profiles. People will stumble across your profile and may request to be your friend if you have a really interesting profile. You may get friend requests from bands that wish to add you to there profile to gain fans and spread the word about themselves. You can either choose to accept a friend request or deny it.

Myspace also has its own email system, which means that people can send you emails. People can also leave comments that will appear on your profile, though they have to be a friend to do so. You add friends by visiting someone's profile and clicking on 'add' in the contact box. This can sometimes vary depending on what layout the person has. Some contact boxes contain the words 'friend me', which you can click on to add the person as a friend. They must accept your request before they appear in your friend space.
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Myspace is a website that allows you to click up with friends. You can also meet plenty of new friends and get to know them by viewing their profile. You can send friend request to anybody and if they are interested in you they will accept it , but some people like their profile private and have special privacy settings so you can't view their profile. Myspace is mainly for meeting new friends and keeping in touch with the old ones.
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MySpace is a group networking website that offers a very interactive user submitted network of music, videos, groups, photos, friends, personal profiles and blogs. The site also features an internal search engine along with an internal e-mail service. The headquarters of MySpace are situated in Santa Monica in California in the United States of America. The parent company of MySpace is located in the city of New York. According to Alexa Internet, MySpace is the World's fourth most popular website of the English Language; it is also the sixth most popular website in the world in any language.

MySpace is also the third most admired website in the United States of America alone. MySpace was founded in the year 2003 by Tom Anderson along with the current CEO. Chris DeWolfe.
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Myspace is a place where you can  talk to new and old friends its a bit like facebook and bebo.

Facebook is much better for getting together with your old school friends and family but best of all its free .

Myspace is a much harder site to get to know what your doing basicly its like a online profile where you can put stuff about you on and what are you hobbies favourite music if your in a relantionship and you can talk to one another add them as friends view there pictures comment them aswell .
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Myspace is a place where you can talk to family members Friends and other people you admire or like or are close to the guy who owns the place is tom he is avery lucky guy you have to be 15 to own a myspace page or your own profile
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I want to go back to myspace 1.0
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I'm currently unable to even get on myspace but I have an active account. What's the deal?  When I try to go myspace it says cannot find server .

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