What do I need to know before applying for the Affordable Connectivity Program?


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The COVID-19 pandemic showed how vital internet connectivity is
in everyday life. From virtual work to remote learning and telehealth services,
reliable internet access is crucial. Unfortunately, many low-income households
struggle to afford the cost of internet services. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has launched the Affordable Connectivity Program ACP to address this issue. What is ACP, who is
eligible to apply, and how to apply for this Program? Find out all that in this

What is the Affordable
Connectivity Program?

It is a federal program that provides eligible households a
monthly discount of up to $50 on their internet service bill and is
administered by the FCC. It seeks to make broadband internet more affordable
for low-income households, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is eligible for
the Program?

Households must meet specific income criteria to be eligible for
the Affordable Connectivity Program. Specifically, they must have an income at
or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines. Additionally, households must
have an account with an eligible internet service provider (ISP) or enroll in
an eligible ISP's service within 30 days of the Program's start date.

How to apply for the

Eligible households must apply to the Universal Service
Administrative Company (USAC) to avail of the Program. The USAC is the
organization responsible for processing applications and distributing program
funds. Applications can be submitted online, by mail, or by phone.

Eligible households can visit the USAC's website and complete
the online application form to apply online. They can download a paper
application from the USAC's website and mail the completed application to the
address provided to apply by mail. Or they can call the USAC's toll-free number
and provide their information over the phone.

What information is
required to apply?

Households will need to provide certain information to complete
the application. This includes their name, address, Social Security number, and
proof of eligibility, such as a Medicaid card or SNAP benefit letter.
Additionally, they will need to provide information about their internet
service provider, including the provider's name and account number.

What happens after the
application is submitted?

Once the application is submitted, the USAC will review it to
determine eligibility. If the household is eligible, the USAC will notify the
internet service provider of the household's eligibility for the Program. The
ISP will then apply the monthly discount to the household's bill. It's
important to note that the Program's benefits are limited to one discount per
household, which cannot be used to cover other fees, such as equipment or

What are the benefits
of the Program?

It offers several benefits for eligible households:

The Program provides a significant monthly
discount on internet service, which can help to make broadband more affordable
for low-income households.

It helps to bridge the digital divide by
increasing access to broadband internet for underserved communities.

It improves educational outcomes and access to
healthcare services for low-income households.

To sum up, the Affordable
Connectivity Program ACP
is a crucial initiative to improve internet access
for low-income households. Providing a monthly discount of up to $50 on
internet service bills helps bridge the digital divide and increase access to
essential services such as education, healthcare, and employment. If you are
eligible, applying for the Program is a simple process that can benefit you and
your household significantly.

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