difference between cordless and wired mouse?


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Cordless and Wireless are the same. But corded/connected mouses should work better, because it's a direct connection between the PC and mouse. Wireless mouses need their own battery and sometimes the wireless connections get messed up (depending on interference). If you want the best mouse, look at Logitech's Gaming Laser Mouse (or something to that effect). It uses laser to track the movements and is much more accurate over bumpy surfaces than your standard ball or optical mouse.

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Hello! A cordless mouse works with a Bluetooth key rather than a USB cable or any other sort of wiring. You will simply be required to plug the bud into one of the USB ports of your device and you can then use the mouse without having to worry about getting tangled. On the other hand, the wired mouse will have a power cord attached and this will always have to be plugged into the computer for use.

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I'm guessing that one has a cord and the other doesn't need one.

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in my opinion , Cordless mouse need external power such as battery, while the Wired one can get power directly from your computer.

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